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Math, Computers & Information Technology

Fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students are taught math from traditional curriculum and the internet-based Khan Academy math resource center.
Fifth and sixth grade computer students are introduced to the fascinating world of information technology.  Each student experiences hands on access to desktop personal computers, a large computer network and numerous software applications.

Initially, students acquire a solid foundation by learning proper keyboarding skills and word processing.  Building upon this foundation, students are introduced to  spreadsheets, computer security issues, operating systems, information technology concepts, computer programming, problem solving, computer graphics, computer animation, cloud computing, and many more information technologies.


The primary objective of fifth and sixth grade computer classes is to instill a broad information technology foundation where students will feel "at home" in a world of constantly evolving information technology demands.  When students complete the sixth grade computer class, they should be in a great position to face the information technology challenges of their future.